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logo-242x242 xparent bkgrnd is a web site devoted to mediumship and spirituality. How did get started? After learning about Spiritualism in the early 90's, I wrote an introductory book on it called Spiritualist Basics. I also created some other documents that answer a lot of the basic questions and concerns that people have around it as well. One of my biggest concerns was that people misunderstand Spiritualism and mistakenly conclude that it's evil or of the Devil. The web was new at the time, and I decided that I would put it on a site so that it could reach people. The site was called The Spiritualist Religion Page. Feedback was very positive, from all kinds of folks, including Spiritualist ministers. From time to time, visitors came to ask questions about Spiritualism and related topics, which is great, because I enjoy helping people.

The Spiritualist Religion Page started out in 1997 and was in place for 11 years. During that time, I wrote a book, then another, then part of another, and then combined it all together into one. I thought about publishing it, and then realized that publishing involved a number of other things I wasn't ready for, including starting a business, marketing, and the like. In 2008, I took an initial step by creating a new web site with its own domain name, I also created a blog, The two sites remained separate but interrelated until 2015, when I revamped the entire thing into a single site, which is the current incarnation of The new site went live on March 31, 2015, and is the first post on the new site, which show site is a community web site that focuses on mediumship and spirituality. Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits (i.e. those who have passed away, "died"). Spirituality involves many things, as you'll discover while you explore the site, but you won't find traditional religion here. The site is non-Christian in orientation, and has a light-to-moderate focus on Spiritualism. Spiritualism is a religion, but it is not a traditional one. My view is that people run from traditional religion because it usually forces you to believe things, tells you what to do, and expects you to convert others into it. Fortunately, Spiritualism is and does none of these things. So no worries.

As I mentioned, Alseyon is a community web site. I hope you come to the site with the idea that you'll meet new people, have a chance to share your ideas, ask questions, and learn something along the way. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with others on the site. I hope you take advantage of them, and have fun with it!

See you around and about the site!